The Importance Of Radicalism In Society

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Readers, remember the last time you say hello to your neighbor? Are they “different” from you, perhaps? From different religion or race as you are? So sorry if that sounds rude, but it’s a little brainstorm on how society looks like right now. Please give yourself some time to think, and while you’re at it, let’s take a look on a place used to prepare youngsters before joining the society, school. A place for studying and playing, school is a place where children with different backgrounds meet, and becomes students. As students, their job is too learn and perfects their response toward their surroundings so that they are prepared for real life situations. That’s when school take action, they gives students learning, and one of them is cross-cultural…show more content…
Several people being radical doesn’t necessarily mean that their community is bad. In that context, we should be critical when talking about radicalism. Without further ado, here’s a little bit of explanation about radicalism. Readers, Imagine living as one of the ISIS conflict survivor, Sara (11 years old), living in Iraq, who should be studying in her elementary year, watched her brother death by gunshot, as interviewed by Save the Children, children sponsorship organization. Sara’s condition itself is not exclusive, many others were abandoned, tortured and even forced to become a human shield. These actions traumatize them, it is true that they’re now living in a group but because of the unfortunate events happened to them, they’re too afraid to socialize, most of the times shutting their mouth completely. This, is the peak of radicalism, where all things considered moral were neglected in the base of radical value. Yet, it is understandable that some of us would not be in much stress, since it’s not currently happening around us to face, thus making this not relatable. Moreover, we’re living in a harmonic country,
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