The Importance Of Reality In The Great Gatsby

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What is society? Is it the people we surround ourselves with? Or the those who know next to nothing about us, yet judge? It is human nature to judge people on first impressions. First impressions are very basic and many times biased or totally false because you have yet to “scratch the iceberg of their personality”. That is where social standings come in, most people believe that the more people you surround yourself with, the more social you are, but it’s a mixture of that and also what random people think of you. Wealth, fidelity, and honesty majorly affect a person’s social standing, but Fitzgerald teaches us that wealthy people still have problems.
It is said that money doesn 't buy happiness, but in fact money can provide you with a happiness that poverty does not provide. Now that being said there is some truth to that statement; seeing as money brings its own complications. Many see the “upper class” or rich people as patient, strict, and or slightly arrogant. Jay Gatsby, who is a wealthy self made man has gathered such a large quantity of money just for the girl of his dreams, Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby is enshrouded with mystery because he seemingly popped up out of nowhere with extreme amounts of wealth. He throws grand parties every weekend, where many influential and well off people show up, all in hopes that Daisy will eventually end up there. He also joins underground dealings that are part of criminal activity. Basically Gatsby makes tons of money and wastes
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