The Importance Of Repressed Memories

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Repressed memories are memories a person subconsciously forgets but later remembers. These are typically memories one wants to forget, most commonly, childhood abuse. Many times what they are remembered is at a time when they likely did not fully understand what was going on. Many of the stories of abuse happen when the child is under the age of about 8 and they don’t know what is truly happening and that it is wrong. On the penny I was very close to choosing the right one. I chose the opposite one of what was the correct one. Lincoln’s head was facing the right way and it said “In God We Trust” on the top but I mixed up where it says “Liberty” and the year it was made. I figured I was closer than most people since I only mixed up two things on the penny and had everything else correct. People cannot correctly identify a penny after years of using them because it is such a small detail to know the four parts of the penny and where they are and what they say. However, repressed memories are typically important things that the mind subconsciously wants to forget for any reason. They can be accurate however because psychotherapists have even been shocked by the true detail of some of the stories they hear. Some are so gruesome and real that it would be hard to fabricate the whole story.…show more content…
I think they are not fully accurate at times as seen with the story of Eileen changing her story when talking to the police versus the court. This could have been for many reasons I think though such as reasons to help her case or she simply remembered it better than before. Although many people might see this as a problem, she still remembered something significant from her childhood she hadn’t remembered until then. Even if all the details weren’t exactly correct, it is still noteworthy that she remembered this big event and was able to convince the jury of it so it did not happen
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