The Importance Of Rituals In The Lottery

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What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up? This answer may vary from person to person, but your answer is the beginning of your morning ritual. Rituals happen even if you don’t even realize it, think about it, you wake up turn on the coffee machine, then show, brush teeth, put on clothes and then you come back to the coffee machine that now has a nice cup of brewed coffee. You do that every day and it becomes your morning ritual, if you forget to turn on the coffee machine in the morning and you continue on with the rest of your ritual when you come out for that cup of coffee and it is not there, you cannot help but feel disappointed and feel like your day has been thrown off a bit. Buy why? You ask, because you did not follow your morning ritual. It is easy to see that rituals are historically apart of our lives as a society as a whole and as individuals in our personal lives. In “The Lottery” we see a village where everything seems to stop for this one day, this one yearly ritual. At the start of this story you get this feeling of excitement because everyone gathers and it seems like everyone looks forward to the lottery. In reality, this lottery is a dark event yet everybody attends as this has become a ritual over the years despite its harsh results. It is odd and you ask yourself why would people gather and participate knowing that someone is going to get stoned, they do it because it is human nature to do something that you do constantly may it

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