The Importance Of The Postal Service

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Society has become busier as it innovates and discovers new enterprises. As communication becomes more accessible and effortless due to the use of technology, less people are relying on the United States Postal Service. In the past, the postal service has been essential to providing a role in expanding and connecting the United States. Due to their importance in the past, the Postal Service should be kept because they could again, serve an important role in this growing world. To ensure their existence, we must renovate the USPS to fit with modern principles. It is vital that the United States maintain their tradition, ensure their economy through providing jobs. I remember when I first sent my best friend a letter through the Post Office, …show more content…

In order for the USPS to continue existing, changes must be made to adapt to the fast changing world. To counter the busyness of an increase of dependency of Americans on mailing, the post office should “Give every American an email address when they’re born,” as suggested by Watts Wacker in Source A. This will enable the Post to keep track with people and their communication patterns, enabling the company to make changes based on each generation. Also, advertising could be done for companies through these emails for a fee, which could be used to pay employees or as a budget for other activities of the USPS. “The Postal Service experienced a 13 percent drop in mail volume last fiscal year, more than double any previous decline, and lost $3.8 billion,” (Source C). Efforts in offsetting the losses has caused changes in which could lead to ending Saturday deliveries along with longer delivery times. The rate of inflation would be exceeded as postage stamp prices would be on the rise and possible layoffs could occur, (Source A). The problem could be counteract with the use of a seven day delivery system, which part time arrangements could allow for more part time jobs to Americans and mailing would be faster and more efficient. “Adding incentives” (Source A) to motivate a worker instead of “Paying high wages” would prove a better strategy as it would sustain the amount of money gained and allow for the use of more employees. Although the USPS is already losing money, gambling a risk would potentially allow it to become “the first carrier to reliably deliver all week” which would give them more faith in a system of “spotty service”, (Source

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