The Importance Of The Turning Point In The Battle Of Trenton

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Declaring Independence from the British was not only an obstacle for the colonists but one of the greatest triumphs in American History. With many battles and massacres occurring at the time, there had to be a turning point for the colonial Patriots that motivated the soldiers, and the people. The turning point in the Revolutionary War was the Battle of Trenton because this was a victory that not only inspired the Patriots to fight harder but created a sense of discipline for these unskilled soldiers and was an example of what could be achieved when the soldiers stroke at the right moment. After a number of battles lost the Battle of Trenton led these soldiers to fight harder and become motivated to win the war making this battle create a change of course in the war. It was a Christmas night in 1776 the same year as the Declaration of Independence was issued. The Continental Army hadn’t had many victories …show more content…

In the Battle of Trenton the cards were played right and as a result a battle was won. Some might say that the Battle of Saratoga is a turning point in the Revolutionary War but the Battle of Trenton is the turning point because , during a time where soldiers were beginning to give up because of the odds of winning on their side this win led them to stay. Many more also began to enlist themselves and the Continental army began to grow stronger. Others who disagree with both these being the turning points might say the Declaration of Independence is the turning point in the war but, the Battle of Trenton is still the turning point because the Declaration is too early in the war to be strong enough to change the course in a major

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