The Importance Of Women In Ancient Greek Culture

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In Ancient Greek culture myths were important to explain earthly phenomenons like earthquakes, rain and even wind. When these occurrences happened they did not have science or answers about why so, they made myths. These myths have affected the way that people think today. It is why women are paid less and why people do good things for others today. Women as a source of strife was significant to the Greeks and still influences American Culture today in a negative way to show that women are portrayed of having less value than men, women are being paid less and are not being treated as well as men in the workplace. Woman as a source of strife was important in ancient Greek culture because men had the need to be dominant in ancient Greece. Men made women seem evil and sinful in the eyes of the community. This value means that women are blamed for bad occurrences in the world. This value came to be because men needed a reason to be dominant over women when there was no reason to be. For men to be seen as better in the community they had to create lies to make women seem evil and sinful. In the book Mythology by Edith Hamilton, in the myth entitled,“How the World and Mankind Were Created,” it tells the story of story Rhea, the titan shows women as a source of strife by tricking Cronus into eating a stone wrapped in clothes instead of eating Zeus, her sixth son. The myth states,”she gave her husband a great stone wrapped in swaddling clothes which he supposed was the baby and
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