The Internet: The Positive And Negative Effects Of The Internet

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION The Internet has become the most frequently used media for the past two decades (De Leo & Wulfert, 2013). In fact, its users are increasing day after day. The Internet has brought many benefits to numerous societies and individuals, and that includes information searches, communication, commercial activities, and entertainment (Kraut et al., 1998; Korgoankar, & Wolin, 1999). Furthermore, the Internet has made lives easy and it has become an essential part of our daily living, especially among the adolescents. The Internet, as a communicative medium, offers a safe and fairly non-threatening form of interaction with others. Its format is text-based which means that in the course of communication, some auditory and non-verbal cues are removed. Also, time pressures of replying immediately is removed since internet communication is delayed in nature. These characteristics are beneficial for people who are shy or anxious because it provides them the opportunity to interact without undergoing to difficulties caused by the presence of others. Thus, the shy may see the internet as a tool for them to express and perform activities without them having to experience the negative effects associated with their social interaction (Scaely, Phillips, & Stevenson, 2002). Despite the benefits that the Internet brings, its negative impacts such as excessive, misuse, physical and psychological problems have drawn the attention of many researchers (Greenfield, 2000).

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