The Journey Of Crazy Horse Chapter 3 Summary

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The Journey of Crazy Horse The Journey of Crazy Horse, written by Joseph Marshall III, uncovers the story of the legendary Crazy Horse and the Lakota Indians. In this book we are able to see and visualize a young Lakota boy named Light Hair transform throughout his life into the Native American legend Crazy Horse. Through this book, not only are we taken on a journey through American history, but also an understanding of the lives of Lakota Indians, and the negative effects of Americans. Marshall gives us an extremely expressive description of the Lakota life while also connecting it to his own life. Part I: The Early Years. The story begins with the birth of a light haired boy, to be named after his light and delicate physical features. …show more content…

Whites were hiding behind enormous rocks trying to get closer and closer until an eventual attack. Light Hair was waiting for his signal from High Back Bone. The Lakotas and the Whites both rode horseback, but the Whites were also supplied with rifles. The Lakotas were more unconventional, and carried bow and arrows instead of guns. A white man began to go after Light Hair to which he instinctively shot an arrow. He didn't even recognize where he had shot his arrow before his horse was shot in the chest. Light Hair was scrambling until he stumbled upon a loose horse on which he hopped on him, and returned to battle. Though the Lakotas had won this victory, Light Hair was lightly wounded and needed his rest. Hr was then recognized at the victory celebration for his accomplishments in battle. Crazy Horse took immense proud for his son, and decided it was time for him to have a new name: Crazy Horse. This was the name of his father, and many fathers before, and would continue on a tradition. Light Hair had finally earned his name. Due to Light Hairs father already being named Crazy Horse, had to change his name to Worm. Long winters and even longer battled continued to drag …show more content…

Little Hawk didn't return from his quest. Little Cloud was killed by whites and ended up not making it home. Crazy Horse met a woman, Black Shawl, and soon became an expecting father. In the Lakota community, men always wanted to have boys, but Crazy Horse was blessed with a baby girl instead. He wasn't phased by this at all, he said she would be a great mother to great warriors, and they decided to then name her They Are Afraid of Her. Part IV: Road to Camp Robison. Whites had come back with a vengeance and were taking over Lakota land everywhere. Crazy Horse believed there were only two options: Let them take the land, or fight. In the June of 1867, the Battle of Little Big Horn broke out. Crazy Horse and his men paired up with the Cheyanne to lead them to another victory. They defeated General Custer “ Long Hair” and the United States 7th cavalry. During this battle, Crazy Horse was injured, fatally. Worm found him dead and shut his eyes while he began to sob. The legend of Crazy Horse was dead, and only his legacy was

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