Crazy Horse: A Lakota History

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The Journey of Crazy Horse: A Lakota History, written by Joseph M. Marshall III, recounts the awe inspiring life of the legendary Lakota warrior, Crazy Horse, and his never ending struggle against the whites. His humble beginning on the path of the warrior began with the making of his bow. “Shaping a stave into a bow was the story of any boy’s journey on the path to becoming a warrior” (Marshall 21). Thus, the imagery and process of creating his bow mirrors that of Crazy Horse’s maturation from a naïve young boy into an accomplished and renowned warrior and leader. The life long journey of maturation begins when Crazy Horse creates his first bow in the summer of his eighth year. The number eight is symbolic of regeneration and resurrection, …show more content…

“With the antler tine the bow maker rubbed the wood, giving a smooth sheen as well as closing the grains to give it more strength” (Marshall 21). Crazy Horse completed his bow with the addition of a sinew bow string. “With the addition of a new sinew bow string the weapon became a force to be reckoned with. A sinew-backed bow was more powerful than ordinary bows, in the same way some men had abilities that set them apart from others” (Marshall 21, 77). The bow is symbolic of the soul and spiritual discipline (Class). Completion of his bow refers to Crazy Horse’s emergence into his new identity as a warrior. Furthermore, Crazy Horse’s ownership of such a powerful bow alludes to his prowess as a warrior. “Every boy on the verge of manhood comes face to face with a moment that only comes once” (Marshall 86). In his narrative of the life of Crazy Horse, Marshall uses the legendary warrior’s sufferings and victories to encourage us to look within ourselves to find the strength to overcome our own struggles and to teach us that we can only grow by experiencing and overcoming those struggles. Although, for many of us, the path of the warrior in Crazy Horse’s sense is not our calling, we are called to be warriors by standing up against injustice and doing what we know is

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