The Maiden Archetype

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The maiden archetype is fulfilled by Jordan in her independence from men and her subsequent freedom from their oppressive control. The Maiden archetype is traditionally single and virginal, and while neither of these elements are expressly associated with Jordan’s character, her life is not one focused on the approval of men. She is a professional golf player in a time where most famous athletes were men. In fact, many men were strongly against women’s participation in sports, believing that “the entire foundation of femininity was being threatened by women becoming too “mannish” through sport participation” (Evans). This, as well as the traditional male fear of female self-sufficiency and their belief that giving up an ounce of control endangers …show more content…

She seems disgusted when she sees Daisy and Gatsby kiss, and vehemently rejects Daisy’s suggestions that she and Nick should marry. While she is with Nick in a romantic fashion for a brief period of time, when he breaks it off she doesn’t seem to have been that invested in the relationship, saying about the breakup “I don’t give a damn about you now, but it was a new experience for me” …show more content…

The exception being Jordan, women in the novel are under the dominion of men and aren’t given the option to make their own decisions in life. Men’s belief that they should have power over the lives of women is still evident today in the debates about abortion. Many arguments against universal access to abortion revolve around protecting the lives of the unborn children, but some argue that an abortion ban would protect women from unsafe abortion practices. Unsafe abortion practices occur in unsanitary environments or when an abortion is performed by an individual who is not properly qualified. While unsafe abortions are extremely hazardous, resulting in “ about 70,000 maternal deaths and 5 million maternal disabilities per year” worldwide, banning abortions does not prevent or reduce unsafe abortion practices (“Abortion Statistics”). The legal status of abortion actually does not affect the number of abortions performed. However, the rate of unsafe abortions increases when abortion is made illegal and women are forced to turn to unofficial and unqualified sources. If a woman is planning to get an abortion, she will not be deterred from using any available option, regardless of the word of law. By trying to control women’s decisions to protect them, the generally male legislators who would make laws banning abortion would actually lead the women to more

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