The Meaning Of Genuinity In Castiglione's The Courtier

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In the book, “The Courtier” Castiglione mentions certain traits that are essential for the man that will the title of being a courtier. Specifically, in his writing, he expands on the meaning of grace, affectation, and nonchalance. This is revealed in a series of conversations during the game that was to be performed in the Duchess’ favor. He talks about these characteristics in in an effort to give an idea of the specific traits the most perfect courtier must have. The qualities must not only be shown but they must also be genuinely come from within. “Grace should be an adornment informing and accompanying all his actions, so that he appears worthy of the companionship and favour of the great” (55). A strong level of charm and attractiveness is an essential trait for a potential courtier. His idea of grace focuses highly on charisma, which should come as a natural characteristic within their persona. Genuinity is important because it ensures that the man who believes he is worthy of serving the courts does in fact harbor genuine grace. Additionally he mentioned that he did not believe noble birth was a requirement for courtiership, which he states, “we should all be of the same character, since we all had the same beginning” (55). Genuine grace and noble birth are two qualities that must be exhibited naturally by anyone attempting to serve the court. Castiglione believed certain characteristics must come naturally; however, he did not believe noble birth indicated

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