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The Medical Renaissance (1400 to 1700 CE) is the period in european history during which there was a revival in European medical knowledge, and a renew interest in the idea of ancient greece and Rome. Through the stagnation of the Middle Ages, people lost connection with classic treatments and theories. However it was rediscovered during the renaissance. During this time, the treatments was no longer a based on natural balance. The advances in medical practice was accelerated through the scientific method; conducting an experiment, collecting observations, then coming to a conclusion. . Between this time period, there were important discovery in anatomy, PHYSIOLOGY (understanding how the body works based on the observation and dissection) and surgery. However many people rejected the new ideas. At the beginning of this time period medicine was infrequent. There were only problems no solution; Infectious diseases such as The Great Plague were spreading but there we no medication for it. To cure the horrible epidemics they tried herbal remedies made out of plant and animals which had little effect on the patients due to lack medical knowledge. People again started to believe at the theory of four humors (Aristotle) and treatments by opposite humors (Galen) They used alcohol as a pain killers but it was hardly used due to the …show more content…

Harvey discovered the principle of the circulation of the blood through the body and also found glanes another mistake, galen said that the blood is created and burned up by the muscles. Harvey worked out that this is impossible for the blood to be burned up in the muscles.In 1628 he published a book called ‘An Anatomic Account of the Motion of the Heart and Blood’ which scientifically proved the circulation of the blood. He proved the fixed volume of blood circulates the human body. Harvey also identifies the difference between the arteries and the veins and became doctors to the

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