The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street By Rod Serling

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Fear of the Unknown Imagine one normal day on your street, children playing outside, adults working on gardens and houses. Then suddenly everything stops working. Cars won’t start, powers off, cell phones won’t work, nothing works. In both the 1960 and 2003 version of “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” by Rod Serling, everything was turned off. In the video of the 1960 version they think aliens are attacking. In the 2003 version the whole street thinks that it is a terrorist attack. In both teleplays you learn that Fear of the unknown can cause people to turn on Each other. In the beginning of the 1960 version a streak of light strikes the sky with a loud roar, and that’s where it all begun. All the power on Maple Street went out. Tommy a young boy claimed they were aliens dressed as humans. When Les Goodman’s car started and no one else’s would, he became the scapegoat. When Pete Van Horn came back from the next street over, Charlie was scared and didn’t know who it was. “You killed him, Charlie. You shot him dead!” Charlie ended up killing Pete Van Horn and he became the scapegoat. The …show more content…

Phyllis claims that there was an orange code. Jason on the other hand has a theory that it was aliens invading the world. No one believed Jason, they believed that it was a terrorist attack. Will goes over and talk to the newbies, and they offered to come outside, but Will told them no. When Will came back and told everyone what happened, Dylan gets furious and held a gun to Will’s head threating to kill him. After a while of just waiting around the newbies lights went on. Jason and everyone else in a mob went to their house, and wanted to smash their windows and burn down their house. Jason went first and started smashing windows. Then everyone else started, and someone even threw gasoline in one window and burned down their house. And everything that was happening wasn’t even the newbies or

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