The Cellar By Lucas Hahn

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Lucas Hahn Mr. Rodriguez Academic Lit. 15 June, 2023 The Cellar Analysis Throughout Lucas Hahn's short story The Cellar, the author explores the limits of human endurance both mentally and physically. The author portrays the mental limits of humans when we look at the character Ryan. Ryan at the beginning of the story was just a normal teenager, but at the end of the book he turned into a murderer. Through the book Ryan’s mental limits were tested like when they first got trapped in the cellar and they had no hope of getting out, or when he had been in the cellar for days starved,thirsty, and suffering from hypothermia. Presented with the opportunity of freedom. “the man whispered. ‘I need you to kill Dylan. It will save not only you and your friends a world of trouble, but also me because if I’m being honest I’m on thin ice right now. Get that done I’ll be back in 3 …show more content…

He heard a sound and quickly dropped the knife. When he looked over he saw a mortified Olivia and Faith. ‘What did you do?!’ Faith shouted. Ryan looked down at his hands now covered with blood,” (Hahn 10,11). The author shows that being in horrible living conditions for days tested Ryan’s mental endurance all the way to the point that he willingly killed Dylan without even putting much thought into it; he just did it subconsciously. Secondly The author explores the physical endurance of humans with the harsh conditions and the lack of food and water in the Cellar. Dylan’s limitations were tested straight away when he found out all the food and drinks he had placed down in the cellar had been reduced to crums. As a result of lack of food and drinks, gluttony plagued Dylan’s mind causing him to eat all of the remaining food they had left. As a result in the coming days the rest of the group would spend their time sleeping because not only were they suffering from lack of food and hydration but they were also suffering from

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