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A good amount of five year olds are ready to attend the “big school,” also known as kindergarten. I had an uneasy feeling about attending “big school” all day since my mother homeschooled me while I was in pre-school. A full seven-hour day of school seemed as if the day would never conclude. I could not survive this long of a day. I would complete a couple hours of school work; at that moment I would be able to depart school and race to play outside. In elementary school students learn the concept of writing. The complexity of writing increased as the years of English classes pasted. For various people writing originates naturally for them, but for several writing stayed a difficult subject. The difficult experience that arose in my writing …show more content…

The written words in writing are the starting line for the next steps to come. Since I had this issue with speech it affected the way that I would sound out words in my head and then write them down. The voice in my head would sound out the word as if I say it with a speech problem. An example of this would be with the word “Truck”. With my speech issue I would sound the word out in my head as “ruck” than at this age, the therapist would tell me to sound the word out and I would sound it out as “R-U-CK”. As I would write these letters down I would know that this did not look as if it was correct. I was trying to write the word “Truck” down. I was also a perfectionist, so I would sit and get so upset for the reason that I could say or spell this stress-free word right; in conclusion, this hurt my writing. Since words are the base than I would struggle to even write multiple sentences without getting so upset. I became overcome with embarrassment to write stuff on the board because I lacked confidence in myself, since I could not spell. The confidence deficient distracted me from writing in yearbooks to group projects and avoided writing all together. These issues all started from my speech problem causing my writing to

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