The Moral Urgency Of Immigration Reform

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Communities talk about the American Dream, the dream that offers individuals a democracy, rights, opportunity, the pursuit of happiness, equality, prosperity, and success. Often time’s parents want this dream for their families and their children, especially when the conditions of their current lifestyles’ are significantly insufficient. Repeatedly people apply to become an American citizen for endless reasons, however, the steps, patience, and test requirements can take years to complete if not longer. In the mean time people from around the world travel extensive distances threating their lives and breaking laws in order to make it to America, to live the “American dream” simply because the process takes so long. Unfortunately this dream is often shattered by the deportation of the illegal immigrants and their families. …show more content…

Gomez, he talks about the moral issue with immigration process and our failed state of American immigration policy. (Gomez, 2016) After years of debating, it is agreed upon that our immigration system is damaged lacking reform. Gomez writes, “More than 2 million people have been deported in the last eight years alone. The overwhelming majority are not criminals. And up to one-quarter of recent deportations have been of a mother or father of a U.S. citizen child. In the name of enforcing our laws, we are breaking up families and punishing children for their parents ' mistakes” (Gomez, 2016, para.

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