The Most Controversial Decision, By Wilson D. Miscamble

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Wilson D. Miscamble offers a clear and concise argument in favor of the use of the atomic bombs in The Most Controversial Decision: Truman, the Atomic Bombs and the Defeat of Japan. The title itself suggests at his main argument that the use of the atomic was necessary as a tool to defeat Japan. This argument will be reiterated many times throughout the book, with much evidence borrowed from other scholars who are on his side in this very popular debate. Miscamble takes much of the book to defend not only the bombings but also Truman’s role in them. By painting him as a passive politician who inherited the decisions that were to be made, the blame on Truman is lessened. The argument presented by Miscamble leaves the reader without any doubt that the use of the atomic bomb was necessary to end the war with Japan as quickly as …show more content…

Miscamble closely follows the steps taken in the Roosevelt administration towards a bomb to help the reader better understand the situation that President Truman inherited. Also, Miscamble emphasizes the roles that other key politicians like Henry Stimson and James Byrnes, played in the dropping of the atomic bombs and their aftermath. Byrnes, who Miscamble is seemingly enamored of, is of special importance to Miscamble’s argument as it was his decision to drop the bomb on a civilian population without prior warning. (NEED CITE PG 43) Of course, this element of the event is the matter of much debate. Miscamble makes a point to explain how, at the time, there was very little controversy within those in charge over the use of the atomic bomb. There were many obstacles in the way of a successful atomic attack on japan, but not present at that time was a moral obstacle. Finish chronology story info in next few

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