The Movie Socrates

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The movie begins toward the end of a war between Athens and Sparta. The war quickly comes to an end and that is where we find Socrates walking through the streets of Athens with his followers. While he is admired by his followers, many citizens do not like Socrates and call him a flee infested, including his wife who he has left hungry and alone with their kids for two days. Once he realizes this he goes to buy his wife an octopus and bread, which is paid for by Crito, one of his followers. Upon his arrival to his home, his wife begins to cry and scream at Socrates for leaving her hungry and warns him something terrible if going to happen if he keeps walking around town “searching for wisdom”. By this time the people of Athens thought of Socrates as the wisest man in Athens although he himself maintained that, all he knew is that he didn’t know anything. This mindset is what angered the upper class citizens of Athens because to them he was questioning their cultural beliefs. …show more content…

They are seemingly trying to get a feel for where his loyalties lie. While they try to trap him through questioning, it would appear he makes fools of them all by questioning an obviously flawed system. His argument if that you wouldn’t appoint someone to be a captain of a ship without any knowledge of the sea or make or a doctor without any knowledge of medicine, yet these men say that politics is the hardest job of all but these men are elected by drawing beans. For questioning this, they ask Socrates where his loyalties lie and he replies to Athens and begins to tell them of his military service to his country. However, these same men that question Socrates, still after debating him, are to have him arrested and

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