The Murder Of Perry Smith: Serial Killer

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Drunk mom, dad leaving at such a young age, some of his siblings killing themselves and on top of all that getting abused a lot by his mom and the nuns that hit him when he was in catholic school.Well who was this this very ungood, bad childhood and different and that is Perry Smith.My client’s case is about 2 men Perry & Dick and they're doing is very shocking,that was Perry has killed a family of 4 the Clutter family & each were shot with a gun besides that Mr.Clutter had his throat slit.Previously,Dick was gonna kill them all but something suddenly happened and that was in Perry’s mind.They are not guilty at all but the fact that they will be charged with insanity because yes there has been something going on in Perry’s mind like something …show more content…

Something of his doing made him feel different after he killed Mr.Clutter and drive him to killing the other members of the family.Soon,Perry said something about the Clutters and that was surprising about them,”Of all people in the world,the Clutters were the least likely to be

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