Case Of Perry Smith And Richard Hickock

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District Attorney Essay Perry Smith and Richard Hickock need to be sentenced to the harshest punishment there could possibly be, the death penalty. Perry and Dick should equally be held accountable to the fullest extent for their despicable and ruthless misbehavior.They murdered the Clutters in cold blood with very little remorse. Even when Perry felt the threat they might get the death penalty, DIck brushed it off his shoulder and never thought about it after. “ Neither one had ever before referred to the ultimate penalty in the State of Kansas - the gallows, or death in The Corner, as the inmates of Kansas State Penitentiary have named the fad that houses the equipment required to hang a man. Dick said, "The comedian. You kill me." pg 117 …show more content…

When it boiled down to the innocent driver keeping good conversation with Dick, Perry was very confused on why he’d try to make friends with the father of five when they had planned to kill anyway. “He thought how "queer" it was, "egomaniacal." Imagine going all out to impress a man you were going to kill, a man who wouldn't be alive ten minutes from now.” pg 107 Perry never thought twice about the faultless driver having children he had intentions on going home to. “Perry, as he later recalled, thought, Five kids - well, too bad.” Pg 107 He is just as careless as Dick. At this point, it is evident Perry and DIck can play along and act friendly to people all day long. As soon as the unknowingly kind individual turns their back, the two cold blooded criminals are ready to hit that person with an unexpected turn of events. “A thousand people! Perry was impressed. He wondered how much the funeral had cost. Money was greatly on his mind, though not as relentlessly as it had been earlier in the day - a day he'd begun "without the price of a cat's miaow." The situation had improved since then; thanks to Dick, he and Dick now possessed "a pretty fair stake" - enough to get them to Mexico.”This is just another example of how sorry Dick and Perry AREN’T. They are the only reason people had to attend the Clutter’s funeral. All Perry thought about was the turnout of the crowd. Dick and Perry didn’t feel a single bit of regret or guilt in their subconscious. Neither of them took any of this seriously. All Dick and Perry are concerned about is money and getting to

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