The Need For Freedom In The Swimmer By S. J Butler

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Imagine being sat in a small box, and just doing the same thing over and over again. You would slowly go insane, or just get tired of everything. The need for something new and different will slowly, but surely sneak up on you, and eventually take control. You want freedom. The freedom that has been tearing you up from the inside will be, and you want to achieve it at all costs. The theme in the short story “The Swimmer” written by S.J. Butler is freedom. The story has a third person narrator with an all-knowing function, with focus on the story 's main character and the setting she is in, when we first meet her. The story starts off, in what seems like a peaceful area, surrounded by nature. The first five sentences present the physical setting in the shape of the weather. The sentence "Three weeks of windless sun" (P.1, l.3) sets the basic setting, which seems like a peaceful, harmonic natural environment. But to be less interpretive, the setting is simply described as a series of hot summer days, which have lasted over three weeks, but without any kind of wind to cool you down. There is a description of the water, which is described as “A slick of olive green pouring away from her”. This turns our focus from the setting, to the main character. "She sits at her desk in the back room gazing out at the river. Where it rounds the first bend." (P.1, ll.6-9). This quote locks the readers focus in on the main character, yet at the same time the setting. This is an indication

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