The Negative Effects Of Technology: The Harmful Effect Of Electronics

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The Harmful Effect of Electronics The average American devotes more than ten hours of their day looking at a screen, and this number is growing. The time Americans spend looking at smartphones, tablets, computers, video games, and televisions are an astonishing amount that adds up to about 70 hours of screen time a week. The amount of screen time an American experiences each day is beginning to have a major effect on the body. The use of electronics notably affects the human brain; especially in children as electronics change the brain not only physically, but chemically as well. The use of technology has great impacts on the brain, especially in children. The amount of time young children spend in front of the screen is almost inescapable, and that is the reality of today’s world. A child is given a tablet or parents phone to keep them occupied or distracted while the parent needs to do something. This is not always a bad thing, as there are apps that can be educational for children. What parents do not know is that electronics can do more harm than good. Many studies have shown a link between delayed cognitive development and the extended use of electronic devices. In the first years of a child 's life, birth to age three, kids brains are developing very quickly and are particularly sensitive to the world around them. This period of time is crucial in the development of children, as this will become the permanent foundation upon which they build. The environment around

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