The Nuremburg Trials

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Some of the reaming Nazi’s got what they deserved, justice. The Nuremburg Trials were two phases of the trails and happened through November 21, 1945-Aprial 13, 1949. The purpose of the Nuremburg Trials was to punish the German Nazi officers and leaders for what they did. According to the article “Nuremburg Trails”, by author William Young, “The Nuremburg Trials prosecuted political, military, and economic leaders of Germany after World War II,” (Young). This means that the trials at Nuremburg found the German political, military, and economic leaders guilty of the charges they committed before, during, and after WWII. There were two sets of trials during the Nuremburg trials. One of the phases of the trial was conducted by International Military…show more content…
This trail; consisted of 12 separate trials. There were 185 Germans involved during this trial. Although the first set of trails were carried out by multiple countries, the American set of trails were bigger. (CPX) “The Americans organized the hearings into twelve different trials, charging and prosecuting a total of 185 Germans.”(Smith). The Nuremburg Palace wasn’t chosen by luck, there was many reasons they chose Nuremburg. One of the reasons was that the Military Tribunal liked the layout of the palace because it was a prison set up. . This means that they liked the way the court house was right next to the Nuremburg Prison. Also, tis court house was one of the only not damaged court houses in Germany. This made the trials easier than repairing a place to hold the trials in. The last reason they selected the extraordinary palace is that this is the raise of the Nazi party started. “German city, Nürnberg (Nuremberg), was chosen for that the Palace of Justice at Nürnberg was undamaged and it had a complex prison layout; some also preferred Nürnberg for the association of being the ceremonial birth place of the Nazi party,” according to Peter Chen in the article “Nuremberg Trials and Other Trials Against Germany.” Even though these sets of trials were set back during WWII, they had effect on
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