The Odyssey: The Joys Of Equality In The Odyssey

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Equality Within the comforts of the modernized human civilization that we all experience on a daily basis, a person can easily forget how privileged they are to be existing in such a time of human equality. However, times were not always as pleasant as they currently are, as different diversities of people were not only shamed for their race, gender or ethnicity, but they were abused for it. That being said, if abusive behaviors like human trafficking and racial discrimination can still be found in today’s modern world, then discriminatory practices or rules back several centuries ago must have been a common part of daily life for ancient societies. In the Odyssey, the poem’s epic hero, Odysseus, finds himself and his crew in many horrible situations while he persistently sails across the seas in quest to find his long lost home in Ithaca, Greece. Throughout Homer’s epic, it can be noticed quite easily that there are several powerful goddesses all …show more content…

In the midst of all the chaos of being away from home, Odysseus comes across many complications, some of which include life or death interactions between himself and the legendary gods and goddesses of Greek culture. However, these interactions are not included within the epic simply to entertain the audience, rather, it is thought that Homer is attempting to make a point about how the women of his time in the eighth century were unfairly treated and discriminated against. To make his point, Homer wisely portrays the female characters of his poem in an admirable fashion; he makes sure to include how women can have wisdom, elegance, authority and several other traits of which only men were acknowledged to possess. It is because of Homer’s unique recognition to the fact that women should be treated as human individuals that his poem is being read by audiences around the world up to this

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