The Oliver Twist: The Story Of Oliver Twist

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Oliver Twist was born in a workhouse which the environment was not good at all. Oliver twist was thought to be dead in a few days, but he did not. However, his mother, who was not married, died after she hug him once. He was sent to another workhouse, which was manage by a selfish woman who did not want to spend the money to the children which was given by the government, so the workhouse was not well-managed as well. At Oliver’s nine years old birthday party, he was locked up in a small room with his friends, and Bumble, who was beadle visited the workhouse for taking Oliver to a new workhouse. Because the children of workhouse was given too little food to live, they decided to choose a person to ask for an additional food, and Oliver twist was the chosen one. The fat guy, the person who give them food was shocked by him, hit him with his spoon. And the thing was told to the board by him, as a result, Oliver was locked up in a small room for a week, and was posted outside which was written that the board would give anybody who wanted to take Oliver Twist. Through a biding price between Gamfield and the board, Gamfield decided to took Oliver Twist with 3 pounces and 10 shillings. However, the court did not agree because Oliver begged them, so he was posted again with same prices. Then he was taken by an undertaker, Sowerberry. The first day in the undertaker’s store, he was given meat by Mrs.Sowerberry. That was his first time to taste the meat, so the emotion that
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