The Other Side Of The Sky Character Analysis

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Walt Masters and Farah Ahmedi they show their compassion by helping others and fleeing off to find safety, and other people are thankful for those acts. Masters demonstrates bravery when he made it to Dawson with Loren Hall to save Loren Hall's claim. Farah Ahmedi shows compassion because she had the courage to find a person to help her on her journey. She lasted the long walk and the terrible circumstances like her prosthetic leg, to escape Afghanistan. These two characters share compassion, bravery, empathy, and kindness to all people. In the story The Other Side of the Sky, Farah Ahmedi shows her heroic, and gallant act by taking her risks and climbing a long way to exit Afghanistan. As Farah Ahmedi states in the story, The Other Side of the Sky, “ I myself hardly felt the exertion. I was walking quite well that day, quite athletically. I had that good prosthetic leg from Germany. The foot was a little worn by then, but not enough to slow me down. I don’t know what made me supple and strong that day, but I felt no hardship, no anxiety or fear, just concentration and intensity. Perhaps desperation gave me energy and made me forget the rigor of the climb” (Ahmedi 13). What Farah really means by this is that she had to follow her difficulty in the climb, like her prosthetic leg to escape …show more content…

Jack London states that, ” Walt was worried, however, the claim was liable to be jumped at any moment because of this delay, and a fresh stampede had started in on the Mazy May” (London 33). This point highlights that Walt Masters was prepared to go fast and speed out and he was determined to keep an eye on them. Since Walt’s actions led to him saving his father’s claim, and claim-jumpers are trying to take it from, he is a very brave man to do that. Now we can say that Walt Masters is a very mature man and he will be a great man when he grows

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