The Passionate Shepherd To His Love Analysis

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Life offers a lot of mediocre things, but love isn’t one of them. This was what the damsel presumes in her response to the call of love from the romantic but seemingly guileless entreaty. This call of love was one from the heart, filled with promises of serenity, satisfaction and all the joys of life. A sincere request, permeated with unmatched optimism and wholehearted believe of good things to come.
In verse one of “The Passionate Shepherd to his Love”, Christopher Marlowe gets straight to the point by saying, “Come live with me”. This shows just how passionate the shepherd is and then there is a pause where he goes on to say, “…and be my love”. This is more of a gentle tone and softens what has just been said. In the last two lines of this stanza, Marlowe lists all the things the Nymph and the shepherd will do together, and by listing them, he is making it seem as though there is an amazing variety of landscape to enjoy. These areas he is listing are all dramatic, natural pleasures and have not been changed by man, nothing is artificial. When it says, “…or steepy mountain yields”, the shepherd is showing that there is an extra sense of freedom and that together, the Nymph and himself will enjoy the natural beauties. The Nymph’s reply to Marlowe’s poem is rather
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He makes out that the young lady is worth all this trouble. Marlowe deliberately uses, “beds of roses”, as it is romantically linked with love and is very highly symbolic. It shows the extravagance of what he is going to do for the nymph. “And” is used as it makes the lady feel she is worth all this trouble. He also uses “A cap of flowers”, as this is a fashionable head covering. He also uses, “myrtle”, as it describes leaves, which will last for longer and will be deep green, glossy leaves. The fashion was for embroidered skirts and he knew she would like this, but all her fashions will avoid the cost of artifice if they
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