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The 2002 film entitled “The Pianist” tells the story of Szpilman, a Polish Jewish pianist, and his experience in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II. At the start of the movie, Szpilman is healthy, caring, and a faithful Jewish man, but as the war worsens, a change is seen within him. In order to survive the brutal destruction this ghetto faced during the Holocaust, Szpilman found himself constantly trapped within the walls of empty flats, abandoned attics, and wrecked houses. Although Szpilman was fortunate enough to survive this inhumane uprising, he still suffered from physical, mental, and spiritual damage. In the beginning of the movie, Szpilman is presented as a well dressed, clean cut, Jewish man. His clothes are washed, ironed, …show more content…

Hitler’s goal throughout this war is to free Germany from Jewish blood. The means by which he tries to achieve this goal are violent and brutal. They involve beatings, starvation, and deaths. With these horrible offenses after them, the Jews had to do whatever they could to survive. This meant hiding their identity in some cases. Towards the beginning of the movie, Szpilman does as he’s told by wearing the armband to represent his Jewish identity. He does as he is ordered to and proudly displays his religion to all surrounding him, regardless of the consequences. As the anti-semitism towards the Jews grows throughout the war, the brutality towards them does as well. This leaves Szpilman with no choice but to disguise himself as an Aryan. He recruits the help of his friends to get him a room in a German complex to live in. He is there for a short time before his true identity is revealed due to an irritable woman’s suspicion. The Holocaust ruined the lives of millions of Jewish people. In the film “The Pianist”, Wladyslaw Szpilman suffers from mental and physical damage throughout the war and genocide. Because of these tragedies, his faith in his religion is taken from him when he is forced pretend to be someone he is not just to keep his

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