The Poisonwood Bible Chapter Summary

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Pre-Reading Notes Major Characters Nathan Price - Father of four daughters, One of the major masculine roles in the book, Nathan is married to Orleana. He moves his family to the Congo due to his work because he is a baptist minister. He was a veteran of World War II. He is the antagonist of the book, due to his actions that he exhibits throughout the book. He creates a type of tension within the book between the other characters, he is not very friendly with the people from the Congo. Orleanna Price - Wife of Nathan Price, and a mother to four daughters. She moves to the African Congo with her husband. She is hesitant to going to the congo. She is not that excited to travel with her husband to the congo where they will start their new life. …show more content…

She is the oldest of four. Rachel is very materialistic and only cares about possessive items. She hates being in the congo and wants to go back to the United States. Leah Price - Same age as Adah, because they are twins. She acts more like a boy than a girl, and she is very smart for her age Setting When- The Poisonwood Bible takes place in a lengthy period of time. It takes place between 1959 through the late 1980’s. It lasts for 30 years. The story progresses through the interactions between the characters in the novel. Where- The Poisonwood Bible takes place in the Belgian Congo, which is located in Africa. Originally, the family had to move to the Congo from Georgia, America. Symbols Methuselah- the parrot that the Prices are given to as a gift is a symbol. It's symbolic because it has always been in a cage, then one day when its is set free into the African Congo, it dies. This symbolizes the price family’s struggle to settle into the African Congo. Methuselah could also symbolize Africa as well. When Methuselah is finally free for a short period of time, it becomes attacked. This relates to Africa, because when it is finally becoming independent, the United States attacks it, just like

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