The Pregnant Women In The Salem Witch Trials

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The Salem Witch Trials affected many different villagers and their families. More than eighty people were accused of practicing witch craft and even accused of being witches.” Surely the devil had come to Salem in 1692. Young girls screaming and barking like a dog? Strange dances in the woods? This was behavior hardly becoming of virtuous teenage maidens. The town doctor was called onto the scene. After a thorough examination, he concluded quite simply the girls were bewitched. Now the task was clean. Whoever was responsible for this outrage must be brought to justice.” They believed the people had to be put under a curse to become a witch. Nobody knew why these young girls were acting weird but they needed an answer. These two girls could no longer be left alone by their selves without an adult or some type of guardian. …show more content…

More people were starting to be accused of practicing witchcraft. They thought they people were wild savages running around their village. These people had to be contained and they did not want the so called curse to spread. “Abigal Williams was one of the first affected girls in the Salem Witch Trials.” Her and a couple other girls were playing games on day and they read their future. Abigal believed that when she was playing this game she saw a coffin. They suddenly knew something was wrong with this girl. They brought in doctors and they believed to find no sickness. Both of her parents had died in the past, nobody was there to take care of her and watch over her. She was later taken to jail. This was the start of the Salem Witch Trials. More than one hundred and fifty people were accused falsely of witchcraft. These false accusations brought up executions and tragedy to families all over the

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