The Pros And Cons Of Atomic Bombs

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First off, not disagree with the decisions of the president to drop atomic bombs in Nagasaki, Hiroshima. The reason why I disagree with the atomic weapons that were drawn in japan is because there were thousand of people who were killed, innocent peoples who died in that bomb drops. there were military men who died, but at the same time is was acceptable for united states to fight, and win the war. United states were discomforted the lost thousand of people, including military, 48,000 people from the united states, military, and innocent peoples. It was grave that the united states had thousands of life that are why they proposed the attack besides japan. As well the united states were fighting for their people and their country, losing people, was military the same way Japan was losing their people, and fighting for other and same purposes. But otherwise it was necessary to drop the bombs on Japan and in other terms it was very wrong, they were many innocent people killed in that attack and it opened the whole new arms race around the world. But at one point united states didn 't raise the bombs was dropped on humans, is wise an experiment. There were killed 120,000 innocent people, united states didn 't target the Japanese government because was all the fault and …show more content…

Particularly Thousands of people died in both countries. The United States killed much more peoples in Japan, more than japan did. Japan was more scared of Russia would have no qualms about to kill Hirohito. The bomb was already created, there was only left to taste the bomb, but the bomb was needed to be used on anyone, and since Germany was out of the war, the most logic pace to use the bomb would be in Japan. The bombs were finally dropped in japan because at that time white Americans were racist, they didn 't consider the yellow japan as humans.It was not necessary japan to bomb country Hiroshima because that country didn 't do anything to the united states. all those people were innocent

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