Was The Cold War Justified Essay

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Daniella Gat GlobalA 1 U.S actions during the Cold War were not justified. It has probably happened many times in life when you take actions and someone gets mad or doesn 't agree. Then you must come up with any reason possible to make it justified, but sometimes not everything can be justified. For example, a person murdering a random person they have never met before and do not know, can’t be justified. The actions that the U.S took during the Cold War are similar to this, as they weren’t always justified. Some of the actions that the U.S. took was the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, going into nations that were controlled by the Soviets to fight back, and had the wrong motives. The United States actions during the cold war were not justified, because of the motives that they had behind their actions which were selfish and did not think about everyone else, these actions also caused more aggression. The U.S made the decision to drop a bomb on the city of Hiroshima, Japan. The U.S dropped the bomb because they wanted the fighting to be over in Japan and they wanted them to surrender without having to have any American soldiers step in and lose American lives. The U.S dropped the bomb in order to save …show more content…

This ending to the Cold war lead to success in America, benefited America. How does this make anything justified if in the end the U.S is the one to benefit from all of this which is what they wanted in the first place. The U.S going into Eastern Europe to help those Nations were just because the U.S did not like the Soviets/ agree with their philosophy, not in order to help those nations out. The dropping of the bomb was also not in order for the Japanese to get hurt and have cities destroyed and people dead, it was so that the U.S could win and save their own people. These actions have no reason behind them that could cause them to be

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