The Pros And Cons Of Cost-Benefit Analysis

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Cost-benefit analysis has been a prolonged topic of debate since its introduction by Gary Becker. Becker tried to explain each and every action by human beings using his analysis. However, oppositions to this standpoint arrived immediately. Therefore, we can say that it became a battle of giants with respected intellectuals on each side (Sen 2000, 931). Since this debate cannot be settled even by some great intellectuals, my intentions in writing this paper is nowhere near providing an answer to the reader regarding who the winner is. On the other hand, personal views backed by evidence will be presented throughout this paper.

On the issue of marriage
Becker puts the foundations of his theory about marriage on the assumptions that almost all the marriages are voluntary and people involving in marriage see a higher utility in being married than remaining single (Becker 1974, 300). First opposition to the basis of this theory can be made so simply that not all marriages are voluntary. For instance, in India (being one of the world’s largest populations), 90% of the marriages are arranged. According to UNICEF, 48% percent of girls in South Asia are forced to be married before they turn 18 even though it is a violation of human rights and against laws. It may be the case that the parents of those child brides/grooms gain benefits out of that forced marriage yet it is obvious that those children being one of the spouses are not being allowed to make a cost-benefit

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