Whiteness Religion

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The religion of Whiteness is a self-sustaining organism designed to have whiteness sit upon the destruction of the black body. The religion of whiteness is held up by 5 pillars. God, ritual practices, practitioners, self serving, and anti-blackness. The religion of Whiteness is deeply engrained in the fabric of American society. So much so, that America was never the a-religious nation it described itself as. God in the religion of whiteness must be understood as a white racist. For this to be true, God must be shown to favor a race of people, produce/allow suffering, and must be white himself. God in this sense is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and unsee-able. Because God is omnipotent, it can be assumed that he has the…show more content…
Events in American history such the invasion of the Americas, slavery. and recent police shootings paint a very convincing picture. One example of God’s racism is my upbringing. Growing up I was always aware of the discrimination people of color faced. My parents are both of a darker skin tone than I am so precautions were always taken. But I never truly understood why. The section of town in which I grew up was the nicer portion of town (three blocks down from the mayor). Additionally, many members of my family were part of law enforcement/ government work. A such I was blinded to a lot of its effects. In large part the people in my life have been those who enforced the rules of whiteness. This conflation of the people I know and the reality of policing made it so that I was unable to appreciate the full…show more content…
Such that people of color are continuously treated as if their lives are baseline evil. Such that in he cases of Trevon Martin, Renisha McBride. Mike Brown.and Eric Garnerwhile legally you are presumed innocent until proven guilty, socially, these victims were presumed guilty even though they were killed. “It is, in other words, the theodicy of European modernity. Black life, thus, has come to matter negatively within the context of our sociopolitical life, emerging as always already guilty in the eyes of a state that sanctions.” (Finley & Grey 447) The dead black bodies seen as nothing more than further support for the superiority of whiteness. (Jones 49-50) And therefore, because we can only judge God based on history as representation of his will, it can be understood that The God of the religion of Whiteness is either a racist or does not care about black
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