The Pros And Cons Of Debolism In America

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The religion of Whiteness is a self-sustaining organism designed to have whiteness sit upon the destruction of the black body. The religion of whiteness is held up by 5 pillars. God, ritual practices, practitioners, self serving, and anti-blackness. The religion of Whiteness is deeply engrained in the fabric of American society. So much so, that America was never the a-religious nation it described itself as. God in the religion of whiteness must be understood as a white racist. For this to be true, God must be shown to favor a race of people, produce/allow suffering, and must be white himself. God in this sense is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and unsee-able. Because God is omnipotent, it can be assumed that he has the power to affect reality however he chooses. Therefore, because God’s specific actions and/ or inactions cannot be discerned outright, God must t be judged based on such in the form of history. Events in American history such the invasion of the Americas, slavery. and recent police shootings paint a very convincing picture. One example of God’s racism is my upbringing. Growing up I was always aware of the discrimination people of color faced. My parents are both of a darker skin tone than I am so precautions were always taken. But I never truly understood why. The section of town in which I grew up was the nicer portion of town (three blocks down from the mayor). Additionally, many members of my family were part of law enforcement/
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