The Abolitionists Film Analysis

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The Abolitionists Growing up as a Christian I never could understand how people claimed to be saved or god’s servant but yet can discriminate against skin color. I was taught God is of love regardless of skin color, size or how the person looks. Such as Caucasians with African Americans and even so how could they attend church but yet have slave servants in their home? As shown in the documentary most of the film was a conflict about slavery and the few whites that was against it. Such as “Angelina Grimké” a Caucasians female Christian who despised slavery and watch her parents live with it with no moral or self-respected. In this time period slavery was the biggest aspect in American (South) in its era. Due to the Spanish taking lands from the Native Americans to colonist and to build on the new land. Then enslaving …show more content…

The film’s omission of the ACS offers a sanitized version of early American abolitionism in which white heroes rescue grateful and downtrodden slaves. When the film gets to the jubilation of emancipation it is from Garrison as his “savior’s” well doing. Later sixty-three people vowed to participate in the antislavery act and spread it around. Shortly after Angelina and Theodore two believers of the same belief got married, where there was a black and white minister first time in history. Angry slave owners set flames that engulfed the building. Firefighters arrived at the scene but sprayed only the structures that surrounded Pennsylvania Hall. When one unit tried spraying the new building, its men became the target of the other units ' hoses. With no one working to save Pennsylvania Hall, it was soon completely destroyed. The mob continued to strike over the following days, setting a shelter for black orphans on fire and damaging of black

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