British Colonies Analysis

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The British colonists came to what we know today as the United States to branch off and gain more freedom. Before the colonies were discovered there was a process that had to be followed in order to become a colony. These steps were: gather investors, get charter from King, collect supplies, recruit colonists, establish settlement, and make money (Glessner 2015). The first step, gather investors is meeting with people who have money that are willing to loan you money for your excursion and you will pay them back over time. The second step, get charter from King is getting approval. Without the kings consent you cannot travel. Collecting supplies is getting everything that is needed for the excursion, so there is not shortage of anything. Recruiting colonists is probably the most difficult because getting people to trust that once you make the excursion the end result will be successful. Most of the time the people that agree are trying to escape their homeland. The last step make money is once you embark on your excursion you want to make money, finding the area that is most geographical populated or well in crops is how you will make money. Colonist will have to explore to find these areas (Glessner 2015). The first colonies that were discovered were the …show more content…

The first issue the south dealt with was slavery. Slavery was a big issue because people were treated as if they were owned. Slavery is an issue that occurred for centuries. Slaves would harvest crops and make sure they are producing their crops correctly so they can be traded. Most of the owners, imported their slaves from a foreign countries. A big continent was Africa. African workers were exported to the colonies and they had so much experience with working in the field, so they did not have any issues adjusting to working under terrible circumstances. Most slaves were treated so poorly and were beat if they did something incorrect (Glessner

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