What Problems Did South African Americans Face During The Reconstruction

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During the reconstruction, it was the South that had to face the most economic, social, and political problems. The freed slaves had big problems too. The freed slaves could not read or write and were not educated. That made their job opportunities very limited. The only thing these freedmen were good at was manual labor, mainly in farms. They also did not own any clothing other than their slave rags, and did not have any money. The only help that they could turn to were the churches that had been built for blacks only. This was the only good factor, because the church population increased greatly. Eventually the Freedmen's Bureau was established. The Freedmen's Bureau provided food, clothing, and shelter for freed slaves and whites in need. Also, black and white teachers came to the South to teach the freed slaves. The ultimate achievement for the freed slaves was being elected to the government. There were 2 black senators and 14 black representatives. …show more content…

The South had damaged property, loss of wealth, the loss of cotton markets, loss of fertile soil, lack of industry and railroads, and many more. One of the main problems was the loss of slave workers. The only laborers left would be indentured servants, and most of them moved to the West or to the North. This meant that the North had the ability to rebuild faster. The other main problem was the carpetbaggers. These people came to the South looking to trick people into wasting government money. The big weakness was that most blacks couldn't read. This dealt even more damage to the already damaged

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