Song Of The Abolitionist Analysis

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Analysis of Musical Piece (Song of the Abolitionist)
The nineteenth century was a rather important and busy century which saw the rise of the British Imperial Empire and a newly formed United States. Hence, there were 3 major art movements during this period which includes Neoclassicism, Romanticism, and Impressionism. Neoclassicism was an intellectual art movement that reflected the rational way of thinking. Romanticism was an art movement that reflected emotions instead of rationale and it strongly emphasised on an individual rather than the society. Whereas lastly, Impressionism was an art movement where radical artists broke up the traditional standards of painting.

During the Romantic period, a nationalistic spirit was awakened during …show more content…

The song had inspired the society to enlist in the war to fight freedom and justice so as to preserve liberty to all because it is the noblest thing to do. The emphatic phrase, “I am an Abolitionist!” sends across a strong message that the abolitionists will be fighting with a forceful passion for justice of slavery. Using this song as a persuasive technique to promote the abolition of slavery, it drew people into promoting liberty. It also helped the society to unite and motivate them to stick strong to their morals in attempt to destroy the evils that slavery has opposed upon American society. Subsequently, the society started to spark conversations about the realities of slavery and eventually abolish slavery across the United …show more content…

The Song of the Abolitionist addresses the severity of slavery in the past. Its main aim was to encourage abolitionists to stand strong and protest against the advocation of slavery in the battle for freedom and liberty in the United States. It is set to the tune of Auld Lang Syne, a traditional folk song.

However, in the 21st Century, although slavery is not as widespread as in the past, inequality is still prevalent around the world, be it racism or gender discrimination. Therefore, we were inspired to create a song regarding social injustice. Using the same tune, we rewrote the lyrics. Our re-interpretation is about discrimination and it emphasises on how everyone should strongly oppose these inequalities. We believe that all humans are entitled to human rights, even if they are of different races, religions, ethnic origins, or social statuses. Nowadays, discrimination is unfortunately still widespread, and the issue of social injustice is very serious in today’s context. Our society is not all-embracing and unbigoted. Hence, the lyrics in our song reveal that we are firmly against inequality. We wish to highlight this severe problem of social injustice, and we want to use it to show how we are fighting for complete equality, even though this goal may be extremely difficult - or even impossible - to

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