The Role Of Music In The Civil Rights Movement

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Music is not only used to capture peoples hearing but it is used to power peoples minds through the power of an individuals voice. Music served a critical role in the African American’s lives, as it was used to uplift their spirits as well as providing them with hope and strength to fight for civil rights and overcome segregation between white superiority and the unfair treatment of the inferior black.

Music was defined as the voice of the people that lived through the oppression of the civil rights movement. During the civil rights movement, there were many different types of music genres sung, dependent on the culture, this included spiritual music; gospel and even folk music, which was performed by musicians, singers and even people of any musical talents. Through this, it brought about the uniting of people to join together and sing songs that helped them go through the oppression of the civil rights movement. The main song they would sing together was known by the name ‘We shall overcome’ and this became a unique unofficial anthem showing of the of African American’s struggle through the inequality of civil rights. Music was that one thing that the African American’s could turn to for help in strengthening and motivation to unite as an African nation in American and abolish the inequality and segregation in the country. Many musicians and music groups would perform at concerts to raise money towards the civil rights organizations formed to help spread the word for

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