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My opinion has changed about keeping whales in captivity and using them for entertainment because I was never aware how they did the whole process. I never knew the whales were taken away from their families and forced to live in uncomfortable positions that they aren’t used to. The main point in this movie that changed my perspective is knowing that many whales are taken away from their own mothers at a very young age. I could never imagine being taken away from my mother, and how I would be able to survive without her. I never realized all the things they had to go through, including the pain and suffering. Throughout the movie they displayed how the whales have emotions and feelings as well, and that they feel emotional pain the same way that we do, and that really got me thinking how I would feel being in that position. Being trapped in a glass box, away from my family, forced to do un natural things for the rest of my life. I would probably go insane and feel so beyond hopeless.
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After watching clips about whales, dolphins, and the effects of keeping them in captivity from neuroscientist, Lori Merino, on Youtube, I have learned that keeping whales in captivity causes them to do things they wouldn’t do normally in their habitat. Being trained, punished, and tortured causes frustration and anger for he whales, which makes them act out and attack their trainers and other whales, as we saw in the film. In the wild whales usually stick with their pods and rarely approach/attack other whales. Another side affect of keeping whales in captivity is their dorsal fin end up collapsing and flopping over as shown in the film. In their normal habitat this almost never happens. This is caused because in the wild, the whales have a lot of space to move around, so the pressure from the water keeps the fin strong and healthy, but since the tanks they are held captive in aren’t big at all, they are unable to move around so the fin becomes

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