Ruth Character Analysis

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“As usual, she was broke, dumping single dollar bills, change, pennies on the counter to pay for the one-way ticket to Ohio. As I stepped on the bus she squeezed a bunch of bills and change into my hand. ‘That’s all I have,’ she said. I counted it. Fourteen dollars” (McBride 189). Throughout the book Ruth’s support for her children is shown in multiple ways. Ruth takes on difficult, poorly paid jobs that require her working through most of the day and night in order to supply her family with food and a proper education. In this quote Ruth gives what little money she has left to her son, James, as he leaves for college. Being able to give up the little money she makes to provide for James and support her family is proof of her ability to support others, a trait that …show more content…

Instead of giving in to the man’s racist ways, Ruth holds her ground and honors her husband by displaying her pride for him and their relationship publicly. She was undeterred by the possible negative outcome of her bold actions, which is key in an effective leader. Her courage and confidence lead her to making daring decisions, like marrying a black man, moving away from home, and helping her husband create a church from scratch. “‘What color is God’s spirit?’ ‘It doesn’t have a color,’ she said. ‘God is the color of water. Water doesn’t have a color’”(McBride 51). Ruth is a very wise person. In this excerpt, she teaches her son that skin color doesn’t matter by telling him that God doesn’t have a skin color. Because James is bi-racial, during his childhood he was confused about where he belonged. When Ruth tells him that their all-powerful God has no skin color this shows him that he is not any different from everyone else. Affectionate “I loved that man. I never missed home or my family after I got married. My soul was full” (McBride

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