The Pros And Cons Of Dropping The Atomic Bomb

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World War Two was drawing to a close in Germany, but still going relatively strong in the Pacific, and Truman was given a choice; he could use the expensive bomb manufactured in the Manhattan Project or he could choose to find some other method of quickly ending the war. Although it still remains a highly controversial issue, Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb upon Japan was ultimately the most logical choice he could make in that situation. The only way to truly win a war is to so demoralize the enemy that they lose their will to continue fighting as was best demonstrated by Sherman’s march to the Atlantic in which he destroyed the south so that the people would no longer want to fight. If the United States wanted to win the war, it was necessary to make sure that the Japanese had absolutely no more will with which to carry on the war. Also the ultimate goal of the United States during the war was to force an unconditional surrender from Japan, …show more content…

The use of the bomb also saved additional lives since it placed limits on the Cold War by acquainting the world with the destruction an atomic bomb could cause. If the United States had chosen not to drop the bomb, then another country would have had to be the first one. If another country was to drop the bomb first, then it would most likely have been the Soviets. Should the Soviets have dropped the first atomic bomb during the Cold War then it would have quickly escalated and countless lives would have been lost. Also, since the Soviet Union was denied joint occupation in Japan, it ensured that there would not be a second Berlin during the Cold War, which ultimately led to slightly lower tensions between the U.S. and Soviet

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