The Pros And Cons Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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We need change and we need it NOW! The way crops are grown have changed since 1994, and the agricultural practice that we are using is a dangerous method. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) is an important factor to consider when purchasing/consuming foods, and should be taken out of agricultural practices due to long-term health issues. GMO’s are organisms that have been genetically altered to enhance the productivity rate and quality of the crops. Even though having a surplus in crops is a good idea, it also comes with a price that takes a toll on the human body and the environment. With the widespread usage of GMOs throughout the world, it increased the rate of chronic diseases by a substantial amount. Statistics has shown that when …show more content…

As a result of using GMOs, pesticides and other chemical substances have been modifying plants and bugs to become more resistant to herbicides. This has created the emergence of “super weeds” and “super bugs”, and they can only be killed by a large amount of pesticides (Non GMO project). With bugs and plants immune to pesticides, this makes it harder for the farmers to protect their crops. Farmers now have to expand their budget to purchase seeds from “Monsanto” (a company that specializes in GMO’s) because their seeds are genetically modified to fend off broad ranges of weeds/bugs (Neuman and Pollack). With the affects that GMO’s brought to the environment, it not only alters the growth of “weeds” and “bugs” but also causes farmers to expand their budget to buy “Monsanto” products to ensure the safety of their …show more content…

The first step to stop the consumption of GMOs is to raise the awareness on how GMOs are destroying our health and our environment. One way to raise the awareness of the effects of GMO’s is to contact our legislator. In the past, certain petitions such as “The Millions against Monsanto” have collected over 1 million signatures, but the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) took a slight turn that made the petition furious. The FDA decided that the comments/signature obtained from the “Millions against Monsanto” was not a million comments but only a single comment (Mike Barrett). To avoid challenges from Monsanto (GMO company) and the FDA, we should address our problems directly to our legislator. This will not only assist with the GMO labeling but also allow individuals to have healthier options to choose

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