Gmo Benefits

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When you ask people about GMO, they feel it is unsafe to eat and view gmo with suspicion. However, GMO has several benefits, especially to farmers. They save money, helps prevent pesticides and herbicides, and helps farmers plants to be better and improved quality to eat. GMO technology saves some of the world’s biggest problems. GMO has it’s defaults, but it helps farmers and benefits our community. GMO helps farmers gain more money for their families. An article mentions “producing more, with less”. A man from Hawaii says GMO helps his papaya business. “Without GMO technology, there will be no papaya business”. They sold GMO papayas for about 16 years. They sold approximately 400 million pounds of papaya without one incident. Farmers in the U.S. grows twice as much food per acre. Farmers actually save a lot of money from GMO seeds. For example, farmers planted 178,000 acres of GMO beets. The farmer's cost of herbicides was $66 per acre. Now, they …show more content…

If the farmer has good safe food to eat this means better business. GMO helps plants to look and taste better. It saves apples from insects, bananas from viruses, and cabbage from caterpillars. When fruits are improved quality they are safer to us to eat and people buy more fruits/vegtables that looks safer and better. Improved quality also helps those who dosen’t have enough food or money that cannot afford fruits and vegtables. GMO fruits and vegtables are cheaper which helps those who are poor to eat good healthy food. Last year, people interviewed farmers from South Carolina about their GMO crops and if they would eat. The majority of them said that it is very safe to eat and they would give it to their grandkids. Farmers said that GMO helps the environment and mammals. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has studies GMO for years and not have found anything dangerous about GMO. It is very safe for us to eat and benefits the

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