The Pros And Cons Of Physician Assisted Suicide

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As said by A. C. Grayling, philosopher and founder of New College of Humanities in London, "To believe that mere length of existence, however, unbearable and painful, trumps the kindness of granting someone's request for help to end their suffering easily and quickly, is to have one's priorities utterly wrong" (10). What would you do if you knew the person closest to you was going to suffer for the rest of their life? Assisted suicide is more than just a last resort you are protecting your loved one’s or maybe even your own sanctity of life. America’s governing system should nationally allow physician-assisted suicide for the terminally ill, not only because the morality of the situation is justified, also it is any patient’s own will to die, and patients would not abuse the gift of physician-assisted suicide. …show more content…

In a very religious country, many find themselves looking towards their church for guidance as what is and is not moral. In 1957, Pope Pius XII, former leader of the Catholic Church, came out saying in one of his speeches that “there was no moral obligation to continue extraordinary means to sustain life when there was no hope of recovery” (1). Again in 1988 a different Christian congregation known as Unitarian Universalist Association announced to be in favor of death once the value of life had been compromised (1). With these religions being of the most eminent in the country, there should be no reason as to use religion as a constraining factor to the approval of protecting the sanctity of one’s life. Another place to look for when deciding if assisted suicide is morally honorable you could hear from Harvard and Yale graduate Daniel

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