The Pros And Cons Of The Patriots Act

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Many laws and regulations have been made because of the occurrence that happened on September 11th, 2011. These laws and regulations have been both harmful and helpful to America Society in numerous ways. On September 11th, 2011, three airplanes were hijacked by foreign terrorist which planned to crash into the twin towers. However, one plan did not make it to the twin towers and later crashed into the pentagon. This was one of the most traumatic events that occurred in the United Stated. About 2,996 people lost their lives, people lost their loved ones, and a considerable number of Americans felt unsafe in their own country. Constantly fearing for their life being that the event occurred out of nowhere with no warning. Therefore, this spooked a large part of society having people constantly look over their shoulders.

With this unexpected terrorist attack occurring in the United States caused them to go on complete lock down with new rules and regulations. On October 26th, 2001, a law was passed called “The Patriots Act”. This act was predominantly put in place for extra …show more content…

However, The Patriots act in fact had a considerable number of pros more than cons. The Patriot's act has stopped many attacks since the law was put in place. No matter how much this regulation angered Americans it did more good than harm. Americans might not have completely agree with it nor one liked the idea of it, but it did protect the country and the citizens that reside in it. This law has been preventing hundreds of terrorist attacks for years. If someone is caught in America trying to either distribute anything illegal, have the intent to use weapons of destruction, or harm American citizens the patriots act makes it easy for that person to get caught and ensure that person gets extra time for the crime they intended to do even if the crime was not carried

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