The Pros And Cons Of The Patriot Act

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The Patriot Act is unsafe, unconstitutional and should be banned from the United States of America. According to source, three president Bush created the Patriot Act in 2001. He signed off on the act after the tragedy of nine eleven to try and monitor terrorists in the United States. Although the act was created to try and keep the country safe, it also has caused several set backs. There are sources that oppose and support the Patriot Act; moreover, the act violates the individual privacy of citizens, can falsely charge innocent people, but can stop terrorism. The second source opposes the Patriot Act for it abruptly and illegally interferes with the privacy of individuals. Thus, millions of people in the United States are having their Sixth Amendment violated because of this act, rather than eing protected from illegal terrorists. In addition, the Patriot Act was also re-written, making it legal for surveillance on any person in the country without them being aware of it. It is obvious this new part of the act is illegal and unconstitutional because people are not allowed to be listened to without permission. The source also states that a judge said the act …show more content…

Moreover, it is being done without probable cause, which is not legal. The act also allows law enforcement officials to violate individuals and their Fourth Amendment protections, those being search and secure laws. According to source one, the act is debated to be infringing on basic American civil liberties. The second source also enlightens that the NSA and FBI can collect phone records of people who have not been suspected or accused of a crime. All of these activities that are being done, violate several rights of the American citizen and can potentially get innocent people into trouble. Clearly, the Patriot Act is by far destroying individual rights and liberties that are written in the

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