9/11 Shaped American Society

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The events that occurred during 9/11 have shaped American society in monumental ways. When the planes crashed into the world trade center, the pentagon, and the remote field, it finally forced America to open their eyes. They were forced to realize the importance of the inhabitants and the Dharma (role) that we all play in this world. As said in an article, history is never concrete. From what we can tell, history always reflects the current events. After 9/11, historians started to think about changing the study of foreign policy; including things that they once thought as insignificant came into the light and began to be re-analyzed. Ever since 9/11 our world has changed forever. Transportation Security Agency, or TSA, which was once…show more content…
Now in today’s standards, you only have freedom of semi-privacy that the Patriot Act believes is non-threatening. By them monitoring your texts, emails, history along with things you look for in search engines you never truly free to say anything or look up anything you want. Also what followed after this act were the random abductions of people. They take the “random,” person and ship them to another country to loophole their laws of not permitting torturing someone in this country. Instead they hire other countries to do their dirty work. Even Obama who promised, “In his campaign for the presidency, a repeal of some of its more sinister provisions (surveillance, wiretaps and so forth). It has not been repealed… Obama this year signed a four-year extension of it.” The Quote makes a point that the government officials believe that everything under the patriot act should still…show more content…
Usually the information conversed in history classes reflect the building blocks of what is occurring in our society and world of today. As the world changes around us, our picture frame in history changes as well. “It’s written and rewritten in each generation. The events of the present, of the contemporary age, always help us reframe the events of the past. And the events of the past always help us to reframe the age we’re living in.”(Joanne Meyerowitz leaves mark on history). When 9/11 happened historians started to rethink what was vital for the young minds of learning to focus and be cognizant of in history. Things originally deemed meaningless became meaningful because of the material it contained pertaining to the particular topic that relates to the piece that is being refined by historians. Concern moved more away from our country, and more to the other events happening in other countries '

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