The Protestant Work Ethic: Just Another Urban Legend Summary

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In “The Protestant Work Ethic: Just Another ‘Urban Legend?’” Jonathan Klemens states what the work ethic is and how it applies in American society. Klemens explains that the work ethic has helped the nation as a whole. Klemens explains that people work hard to achieve “the company or organization’s missions” (122). Not only that, Klemens also explains that people would work hard to gain the particular professions they desire instead of just working with no goals. Moreover, Klemens explains how the American work ethic has evolved from the Protestant work ethic, embracing hard work and dedication. Klemens uses Max Weber’s statement as an example to explain what the Protestant work ethic is. Weber states that “Focus on Work”, being “Unpretentious and Modest”, and being “Honest and Ethical” are the values that the Protestants believed to be the important aspects of the work ethic (123). Klemens explains that these values are also applied in our lives. For example, one must focus on …show more content…

In the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” by Gabriele Muccino, the main character had a hardship in life to get a job. However, he worked harder than others to achieve the position in the work place. He was successful in the movie due to his hard work. He had a great work ethic that helped him succeed and achieve the American dream. Just like the main character in the movie, there are many people in American society who works extremely hard to achieve the American dream and to make the society better. This does not only apply to people applying jobs. Even politicians work hard to create law and order to make the American society better. For example, senators would work hard and stay up several nights to discuss about laws that would be helpful to American society. The work ethic is evident in the American dreams to improve the nation and the

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